Using refrigerants like R-22 proved to be a hazard to the environment as it affects the ozone layer. This is why more than 197 countries agreed in 1987 to stop depending on these refrigerants in order to protect our planet. The decision involved working on a phase-out period that would give the HVAC industry time to adapt and come up with new technologies that can use other refrigerants.

Most of the replacements that were used to replace R-22 were less efficient. They decreased the performance of the HVAC systems and violated warranties. Using a replacement meant that you will have to spend more on energy bills and that the lifespan of your unit will decrease. Consumers suffered because they were unable to use their systems properly and had no technical support offered by the manufacturer if they decide to switch to another option. As a result, most people kept on using R-22 despite the skyrocketing prices and the decrease in supply.

But all this changed with the use of Bluon TdX. This is an innovative replacement of R-22 that is designed to overcome the limitations of other replacements. It doesn’t affect the ozone layer which makes it environmentally friendly and it also lowers the consumption of energy. Here are 5 reasons why it is the most popular refrigerant on the market:

It is Affordable:

The decrease in the supply of R-22 causes an incredible increase in its price. With more than 65% of the HVAC systems still running on R-22, people still have to pay this high price to use, maintain and repair their old and new equipment. Bluon TdX is more affordable. It is now widely produced which decreased its whole price per pound to an affordable $13.

It is a Great Return on Investment:

Replacing your R-22 will require removing all traces of the old refrigerant and adding Bluon TdX instead. This cost endured will be covered by an almost 20% reduction in the energy bill. Bluon TdX improves the energy consumption in your HVAC system that it pays for itself in 1 to 3 years. It can also offer an ROI of more than 30% up to 100%.

It Increases the Life Span of your Equipment:

Using Bluon TdX is going to lower the set temperature of your compressor which means that it will last longer. It also improves the efficiency of your unit.

It Doesn’t Harm the Environment:

Among all other replacements, Bluon TdX has the lowest Global Warming Potential or GWP. Its GWP is 1650 which reduces its carbon footprint. It has no effect on the ozone layer and saves energy consumption.

It Doesn’t Take a Fortune to Replace:

Removing your old R-22 and replacing it with Bluon TdX is not expensive. It is an investment that will prove extremely useful in the long run. Doing the conversion with minimal cost is a decision that you won’t regret.
Bluon TdX is the best solution for commercial and residential buildings that are looking for an affordable refrigerant. It is the future of HVAC systems.